Saturday, April 11, 2009

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The Asiatic Calendar of the U Born

13,053 A.C. 33 B.C. Born Year of Prophet Jesus / Yeshua / Issa (Matt 1:25) Father Joseph takes him and flees to Egypt to escape wrath of Herod
13,065 A.C 21 B.C. Jesus amazes Doctors, Rabbis and Teachers in Jerusalem, with question and answers at age 12 after studying in Kamat also known as Egypt or Mizraim (Luke 2:46)
13,086 A.C. 1 A.D. Jesus supposedly crucified by devilish Romans and corrupt Jews for revealing the truth. The Holy Quran of Islam disputes this, saying Jesus (Issa) was never crucified?
13,398 A.C. 312 A.D. Beginning of the reign of Emperor Constantine
13,411 A.C. 325 A.D. Council of Nicea (Iznik, Turkey), by Constantine, declares “Jesus” a deity {as in the likeness of Heru the Sun}
13,416 A.C. 330 A.D. The Byzantine Empire {Rome}
13,581 A.C. 495 A.D. The Indian monk Bu Tuo travels to China to teach. He is given land to build a temple on Songshan Mt. This is the beginning of Shaolin Temple
13,611 A.C. 525 A.D. The Master Damo founds “Dyana” {Chan / Zen}, a branch of Buddhism, he also creates the basic forms for Shaolin Kung fu called “the 18 fist of lo-han” much later these movements were expanded to 72 and 108.
13,656 A.C 570 A.D. The Born Year of the Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah
13,660 A.C. 574 A.D. The 1st Shaolin Temple is destroyed by Emperor Wudi.
13,708 A.C. 622 A.D. Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina (Hijjra), also begins the Muslim calendar.
13,718 A.C. 632 A.D. Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah returns to the essence at the age of 62
13,797 A.C. 711 A.D. Moors control Spain, and civilized the devil. Teaching them how to wash & advancing all of there methods of culture.
13,844 A.C. 758 A.D. Born Year of Sakanouye No Tamuramaro The Black Shogun of Nippon {Japan}
13,936 A.C. 850 A.D. Black power {gun power} created by Daoist alchemist {China}
14,253 A.C. 1167 A.D. The Born Year of Genghis Khan War general of Mongolia
14,269 A.C.1183 A.D. Lord Salahdin takes Jerusalem form the devil {1-14*}
14,286 A.C. 1200 A.D. Rise of the Aztec and Incan Empires {Ancient Mexico to Peru}
14,292 A.C. 1206 A.D. Genghis khan is crowned and called the “Universal Prince”
14,313 A.C. 1227 A.D. Genghis khan returns to the essence. By this time he ruled most of Central Asia or 2/3rds of the world.
14,385 A.C. 1299 A.D. The Ottoman Empire {ancient Turkey}
14,467 A.C.1381 A.D. Christianity becomes a major religion with its new book. And John Wycliffe's Hand written translation of Papal Latin Catholic Scrolls into English of the Holy Bible. {1-10*}
14,477 A.C. 1391 A.D. The Born Year of Kundun Drup The First Dali Lama of Tibet
14,564 A.C.1478 A.D. Beginning of the Spanish Inquisition founded by Ferdinand and Isabella of the Catholic Church.
14,578 A.C.1492 A.D. Christopher Columbus was said to have discovered America. He landed near the area of the Bahamas called Samana cay
14,605 A.C. 1519 A.D. Hernando Cortez invades the Aztecs and “Mexico” is born.
14,628 A.C.1542 A.D. Portugese sailors reach Japans soil. The Nippon {Japanese tribes} called them “devils” because of there red hair, blue eyes and barbaric ways.
14,641 A.C.1555 A.D. The Asiatic Nubian mainland {Ancient Africa} was invaded by John Hawkins, taken to America to be used as slaves. He founded the triangle slave trade route of Hell. {1-36*}
14,689 A.C. 1603 A.D. The Shogunate of Tokugawa Ieyasu Clan of Unified Nippon
14,713 A.C. 1627 A.D. Emperor Shah Jehan of the Muhal Empire
14,733 A.C. 1647A.D. The Construction of the Taj Mahal for Empress Mumtaz Mahal, of India-Persia
14,798 A.C.1712 A.D. Willie Lynch spreads his demonic plan {Willie Lynch Letter} to hold down the Black slaves for 300 years or moor. {Until 2012 A.D.}
14,803 A.C.1717 A.D. 1st Grand Lodge of Masonry was formed in London, England
14,816 A.C.1730 A.D. 1st Masonic Lodge formed in the U.S. in Philadelphia.
14,862 A.C.1776 A.D. Adam Weishaupt, professor of Canon Law, founds the Illuminati.
14,877 A.C 1791 A.D. Beginning of the Haitian Revolution.
14,889 A.C.1803 A.D. Haiti becomes the first recognized state by and for Original people in the Western Hemisphere.
14,917 A.C.1831 A.D. Brother Nat Turner leads slave revolt. He was hanged and skinned for this attempt.
14,932 A.C.1846 A, D. The Dread Scott Case Begins
14,945 A.C.1859A.D. John Brown, Caucasian Abolitionist, seizes arsenal, starting a revolt against devils in Harper's Ferry, Vagina. He killed a few devils in the name of freedom for Original people. He was killed by the devilish court system. He fought for Freedom justice and Equality.
14,947 A.C.1861 A.D. The American Civil War
14,949 A.C 1863 A.D. The Emancipation Proclamation is adopted, meaning the end of Physical slavery.
14,954 A.C. 1868 A.D. The Restoration of the Meiji Emperor {End of the Samurai Lords}
14,963 A.C.1877A.D. The Born Year of Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, the son of Alfonso Allah Muhammad and “Baby Gee” Muhammad
14,969 A.C 1883 A.D. Born Year of Aikido Founder O-Sensei Morhei Ueshiba
14,972 A.C.1886 A.D. The Born Year of Noble Drew Ali, the first in the Wilderness of North America to say that Islam {Maat} is the Original Asiatic Blackman's culture.
14,973 A.C.1887 A.D. The Born Year of Marcus Garvey. A fighter for Freedom, Justice and Equality, one of the greatest organizers the struggle has ever known.
14,978 A.C. 1892 A.D. The Born Year of Emperor Haile Salassie I {Jah ras tafari} The King of Ethiopia.
14,979A.C. 1893 A.D. The New Regime lead by Sanford Dole to takeover Hawii, the home of the pineapple.
14,983 A.C.1897 A.D. The Born Year of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
14,999 A.C. 1913 A.D. The Born Year of The Canaanite Temple by Noble Drew Ali. In Newark , New Jersey
15,000 A.C.1914 A.D. The Born year of the Moorish Science Temple of America. This was also The God given expiration of the devil's civilization, {6000 Years of the devils chaos}
15,011 A.C.1925 A.D. The Born Year of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) Also the Born Year of Medgar Evers.
15,014 A.C.1928 A.D. The Born Year of Father Allah {Clarence Smith 13X}
15,015 A.C. 1929 A.D. Noble Drew Ali returns to the essence at the age of 43 on The Born Year of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
15,016 A.C.1930 A.D. Master W.D. Fard Muhammad comes to Detroit MI Ghettos and slums to teach Islam {Maat}.This is the foundation of the Lost and Found Muslims and the Nation of Islam {Allah Temple of Islam}
15,020 A.C. 1934 A.D. Honorable Elijah completes all his study with Master W.D. Muhammad. Master W.D. is never seen again after returning to EL-Mecca.
15,021 A.C. 1935 A.D. The Italian-Abyssinian War
15,026A.C. 1940 A.D. Marcus Garvey returns to the essence at the age of 53
15,031 A.C. 1945 A.D. The Atomic bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki Japan
15,034 A.C. 1948 A.D. The Land of Palestine is taken over by Zionist and renamed Israel in the city of Jerusalem
15,046 A.C. 1960 A.D. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus to an evil devil, this helped start the boycott of the 60’s. At this time, we are about 100 after slavery and look how we are still being treated.
15,048 A.C. 1962 A.D. Father Allah masters the understanding of A-L-L-A-H and is asked not to teach his “version” of the Supreme Wisdom lessons at the N.O.I. This is the beginning of the NGE {Nation of Gods and Earths} the Father took his message to youth of New York. He had 9 {Born} original students.
15,049 A.C. 1963 A.D. Civil rights leader Medgar Evers is Gunned down outside his home He returns to the essence at the age of 38 He fought for Freedom Justice and Equality.
15,050 A.C. 1964 A.D. The Vietnam War. Father Allah’s 5% Nation is Born. Malcolm Shabazz returns to the essence at age 39. Bruce Lee shows off his “Amazing inch punch” and Muhammad Ali Becomes the champion of the world.
15,052 A.C.1966 A.D. The 1st House Parliament is held at Born Allah's kingdom, 120th St. and 7th Ave. N.Y.C. Harlem {mecca}. This is also the year Huey P Newton and Bobby G. Seale form the Black Panthers Party
15,053 A.C.1967 A.D. Father Allah finds the first educational center of the N.G.E. located in Harlem N.Y.C. called the "Street Academy" or the "Allah School in Mecca" The Universal Flag is manifested by Universal Shamguad Allah.
15,054 A.C. 1968 A.D. Knowledge Allah and Amar Education Allah composed the song “The Enlightener”. Dr. Martin L. King returns to the essence at the age of 39. Also the Born Year of Sadat X Allah {Brand Nubian}
15,055 A.C.1969 A.D. Father Allah returns to the essence. At the age of 41. Also Founder of Aikido “Doshu” O-Sensei Morhei Ueshiba returns to the essence at the age of 86.
15,061 A.C. 1975 A.D. Honorable Elijah Muhammad returns to the essence at age of 78
15,063 A.C. 1977 A.D. Ty Manifest Jewels, Mother, Author, School Teacher and High Priestess of the U-Born {U-Be A Nation of Suns and Earths} Also the Born Year of Queen Amor aka The 9th Buddha.
15,064 A.C. 1978 A.D. {9 years after Father Allah’s passing} The Born Year of Vishnu Allah {Vast Aire} Hip hop musician, Author, Martial artist and Founder of the U-Born Nation of Suns & Earths Also the Born year of EL’Divine Starkim Allah. A Master teacher of Moorish God-Body Science.
15,065 A.C. 1979 A.D. The Born Year of Blackman Allah {Kenyattah Black} Hip hop musician, Martial artist and Graphic artist. the Supreme Ambassador of the U-Born. He quoted 120 lessons at 13 years old. He started his studies at the age of 7 {Allah}.
15,066 A.C. 1980 A.D. The Born Year of Understanding Allah. Father, Martial artist, and Hip hop musician, The High Chief Apprentice of the U-Born. Also the Born Year of King Born Divine Allah
15,071 A.C. 1985 A.D. Elijah's son Warith Deen Muhammad changes the Nation of Islam into a more religious popular form closer to Sunni Islam {American Society of Muslims}.He was misunderstood, and many broke away and joined Minister Louis Farrakhan who kept the original name Nation of Islam.
15,076 A.C. 1990 A.D. The Persian Gulf War
15,077 A.C. 1991 A.D. Rodney King is savagely beaten by devilish Police.
15,078 A.C. 1992 A.D. The L.A. Riots caused by the devilish court system.
15,083 A.C. 1997 A.D. Vishnu Allah at the age of 19 Studies 120 lessons, and Zen-Buddhism as his new based, and start’s to build with Original Elder Gods of N.Y.C. At this time since birth, he was already studying Christianity, Judaism, Islamism and Neterianism {Egyptian science}.
15,087 A.C. 2001 A.D. The World Trade Center is destroyed. That same year, Vishnu Allah {Vast Aire} drops his classic album “The Cold Vein”. with Vordul Mega-Allah. {Cannibal ox}
15,089 A.C.2003 A.D. The War in Iraq
15,093 A.C. 2007 A.D. Vishnu Allah starts writing this book, The Asiatic Calendar A Historic Timeline of the Aboriginal Man
15,094 A.C 2008 A.D The Body of Allah {U-Born Order of Noble Mystics} was founded Also the Year Warith Deen Muhammad returns to the essence at the age of 74.
15,095 A.C. 2009 A.D Barack Hussein Obama becomes President of the U.S.A.
15,098 A.C. 2012 A.D. SIRIUS ECLIPSE ??? The Zero point, The Star Sirius is going to be in direct line with our Sun. Planet Asia will be refreshed with new Solar-Cosmic energy.